4th of July  Firecracker Cookies (with Pop Rocks!)


Light up your 4th of July party with easy no-bake Firecracker Cookies -- adorable red, white, and blue cookies with a licorice fuse and a festive pop.

Let’s get started!


Biscoff cookies Colored candy melts Licorice laces Sprinkles Pop Rocks

Melt blue candy melts.  Coat both sides of cookie and place on top of a licorice lace on a lined baking sheet, leaving a  1 1/2" fuse on top.

Melt red and white candy melts. Drizzle or pipe diagonal stripes on top of cookies. 

Add red, white, and blue sprinkles. 

Before serving, dip fuses in melted white chocolate and sprinkle with popping candy. 

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