Ice Cream Cone Cake Pops

Cake Pop Ice Cream Cones are a fun and easy no-bake dessert for 4th of July, birthdays, and summer parties. 

Let’s get started!


Pound cake Frosting Sugar cones Candy melts Oil Sprinkles and candies

Crumble cake into crumbs. Add frosting and mix until it will hold together in a ball.  

Portion cake mixture into balls. Freeze for 30 min. 

Melt white chocolate. Dip top of sugar cone into chocolate. 

Dip bottom of a cake ball into chocolate and place into cone. Stand upright to harden. 

Dip top of ice cream cone into melted candy. Stand upright to harden. 

Melt colored candy melts. Drip candy on top of the cone with a spoon. Add sprinkles. Store upright, chill until hardened. 

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